Handling Your Loved One’s Cremation with Sensitivity and Expediency

When it comes time to arrange your loved one’s cremation in NJ, you deserve to have a compassionate, sensitive and experienced expert on your side who has a healthy respect for how sacred these matters while still respecting your timeline. Simple Cremation NJ offers seamless, expedited and thorough online cremation arrangement that allows you to honor your loved one’s wishes while providing greater flexibility to handle the additional inevitable logistics to come. We’re ready to guide you every step of the way. We invite and encourage you to contact us to learn about our options and pricing.

The Online Cremation Process

The process of arranging your loved one’s cremation online starts with contact our compassionate and experienced staff through our web form at the time of their passing. We will then travel to the location at which they past dressed in a manner that shows the proper amount of respect and solemnity for their memory and retrieves them. Our online cremation process requires a family member to make a positive identification prior to starting. Your loved one’s identification documents can be uploaded through our unique and 100 percent secure web portal. They will receive proper treatment during transportation as well, in a secure, locked vehicle that will deliver them safely to our NJ funeral home. Senior staff will monitor every step of the cremation process to ensure compliance with your wishes and, of course, will monitor the process to ensure the correct identity.

Is It Safe to Arrange Cremation Online?

We understand that customers may be wary about arranging their loved one’s cremation online, and we’re here to put your mind at ease. Simple Cremation of New Jersey’s online cremation process is backed and supported by the trusted and established North Jersey funeral parlor, Bradley & Son Funeral Home. For more than 70 years, the Bradley family has provided compassionate care and comfort during life’s most difficult moments, with services ranging from traditional burials and cremations to an extensive after-care bereavement support program. We are fully committed to ensuring the safe, respect and affordable cremation of your loved one in accordance with their final wishes.

A Trusted and Respected NJ Funeral Services Provider

Simple Cremation of New Jersey and Bradley & Son Funeral Home have partnered to bring you and your deceased loved one dignified, safe, secure low-cost cremation in NJ. When you’re getting ready to say goodbye to your family member or friend, you shouldn’t have to worry about being taken advantage of or going through needlessly lengthy cremation arrangement process. We have designed our online cremation services to strike a balance between thoroughness, sensitivity, and respect. Contact us through our web portal today or call (973) 908-6023 to start the cremation process.

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