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We provide an affordable, compassionate and dignified funeral arrangement and cremation service online. We can help you arrange a cremation in Keyport, New Jersey that features everything you deem worthy of your loved one without throwing your finances into disarray.

We know exactly how hard things must be for you right now, our service was designed with that in mind. Simple cremation aims to provide empathetic support in arranging a cremation for your loved one while leaving you in control of what exactly should happen next.

Our cremation services for residents of Keyport include:

  • Direct Cremation
  • Funeral Service arrangements
  • Memorial Service
  • Remote Memorial Service Attendance
  • Notifying Relatives
  • Online Obituary
  • Obituary Alerts
  • Legal Guidance
  • Cremation Permit
  • Pre-Planning
  • Bereavement Support
  • Advanced Funeral Planning

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What You Need to Know About Choosing a Cremation Services in Keyport, New Jersey

To provide peace of mind during these trying times, Simple Cremation of New Jersey has designed an innovative and intuitive online cremation arrangement process.

Our online service was built so anyone could easily use it from anywhere at any time. But this highly customer-driven planning process may not suit everyone.

Simple Cremation may not be right for you if:

  • You have difficulties filling out forms
  • You would prefer to not stay in charge of your cremation arrangements
  • You are considering a memorial service with loved ones and the remains physically present (we offer an online memorial service via private video link for remote attendance)
  • You require fragmented payment options

If any of these apply to you, we recommend you get in touch with our partners in New Jersey: Bradley & Son Funeral Homes. Their expertise is what allows us to offer this service online and we are certain to be leaving you in capable hands.

Arrange an Online Memorial Service

Simple cremation allows friends and family to gather virtually via a private web link, to celebrate the life of the departed. The entire ceremony can be recorded at your request and sent to you as a keepsake.

In this challenging time, taking the opportunity to relive cherished memories, shared with family and friends can be a welcome relief. Travel restrictions, time constraints, and distance no longer have to mean exclusion from a funeral or memorial service

What to expect when choosing to cremate with Simple Cremation

We understand that uncertainty is the last thing you need at the moment. When you choose to cremate with Simple Cremation of New Jersey, the process is going to look something like this:

  1.  You Contact us by completing our web form. – In this first step, you have the opportunity to choose how the final disposition should be carried out at your own pace and free of any up-sells. We are very transparent about what each choice entails and can always be reached for clarification.
  2. You Upload your loved one’s identification – We require identification by a family member before we can start. You will be asked to provide identification for yourself and the departed through our 100 percent secure web portal.
  3. We travel to the location of the passing – Once payment has been processed and a schedule is decided upon, our staff will travel to meet you in Lake Como and collect your loved one’s remains. They will arrive appropriately dressed and mindful of your circumstances. We appreciate that at such a sensitive time, respect and solemnity are not optional. The deceased will be transported in a secure, locked vehicle that will deliver them to our funeral home. Senior staff is required to supervise every step of the cremation process and ensure compliance with your wishes.
  4. The cremation is completed – Simple Cremation abides by a “No Drop-Off” policy. This means that a member of our staff will be present to visually confirm that the cremation process was started and that your wishes were respected. They will be able to keep you updated via telephone throughout. This in no way is due to a lack of trust in our cremation partners in New Jersey. The fact that we chose to partner with Bradley & Son Funeral Homes is a testament to their abilities. Rather, we chose to stay present until the cremation has begun because we are your advocates in this endeavor. It is our job to represent your interest and make sure everything proceeds as agreed.
  5. Restitution of Remains – You can choose to receive your loved ones’ remains or if we can be responsible for final disposition. The USPS is the only carrier authorized to transport cremated human remains domestically. If you opted to have them transport the ashes to you, the crematorium will coordinate with the USPS to initiate transport.


Now, we're Offering Online Cremation Process

Arrange a Cremation From Home

We provide our services entirely through an online platform. So you’ll be able to choose and arrange services that fit your needs from the comforts of your own home, without feeling any added stresses. Our interface is simple to use and navigate via mobile, tablet, or Desktop. Our compassionate staff is here to help. If at any point you need clarifications or have any questions, you can contact them directly and they will guide you through the process.

No Drop-Off Policy

To maintain the highest ethical standards and to protect the crematory industry as a whole, Simple Cremation of New Jersey enforces a strict No Drop-Off Policy.

Our funeral directors personally escort each of the deceased to the cremation facility and do not leave before they have personally witnessed them be placed into the cremation chamber, the door closed, and the cremation process initiated.

Although no law in New Jersey mandates this, we feel we have to be able to call clients and say that we made sure the cremation took place as intended

This policy does not in any way reflect a lack of trust in the crematoriums we work with, in fact, trust is the reason we continue to work with our chosen partners. Rather it is a stand we choose to take in the face of what we consider is far too common practice for many funeral homes across the country. Namely, to call a job finished once transport to the crematorium is complete.

Commitment from professionals who understand what you are going through in such a challenging time and support in your time of grief are what have earned us the trust and respect of the people of Keyport.

Transporting Cremation Remains Via Mail

Simple cremations offer the possibility for remains to be transported directly from the cremation facility to families across the United States. It is part of our standard service and we closely follow any changes in regulation with regards to shipping cremated remains.

(Currently, USPS is the only carrier authorized to do so.)

We are very familiar with their requirements and work with our partner crematoriums to make sure such precious cargo is properly dispatched. Should the remains stay unclaimed for 2 weeks, they will be returned to the crematorium who will either arrange transport once again or arrange a convenient time for you to receive them directly.

Cremation Legal Support in Keyport, NJ

In these trying times, we realize that legal matters and paperwork can be quite overwhelming for everyone involved. When cremating a deceased loved one, simple cremation will serve as your guide for understanding and filing the paperwork and permissions needed.

We’ll get everything set up for you quickly and efficiently, making sure we have all the necessary paperwork done before the cremation takes place.

Preneed Plans and Prepaid Funerals in Keyport, NJ

  • Simple Cremation offers preneed plans and prepaid funerals in Keyport, New Jersey.
  • Preneed plans are an excellent way to pay for your burial or memorial service in advance. The main benefits are peace of mind and the knowledge that your family will not be left struggling with an additional expense.
  • Our preneed plans can be settled in full or via installments. Explore our plan for the future form for more information.

Grief Support in Keyport

Bereavement involves far more than just making funeral plans; we understand that grief encompasses every waking moment following the passing of someone close. Having someone to talk to, share your pain with, and be heard by is an important step in healing and processing grief.The Center For Life Transition program was established in 1999 by Bradley & Son Funeral Homes to help mourners fully process their grief. In 2009, free bereavement support at CFLT was opened up to everyone

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For more information about funeral and cremation services in Keyport, New Jersey please contact us. Our compassionate staff is ready to assist you. We understand what a personal decision this is and are committed to keeping you and your family supported through this stressful event.

Address: 61 Broad St, Keyport, NJ 07735

Our pricing reflects our belief that everyone is owed a dignified exit.

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