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Simple cremation and our partners Bradley & Son are working together to bring over 80 years of expertise in the funeral industry online. Our platform allows residents of Old Bridge and Middlesex County to make all their cremation and funeral arrangements from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. We understand how deeply grief can affect people and work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver a compassionate and dignified service for cremation in Old Bride, New Jersey.

Our cremation services for residents of Old Bridge include:

  • Direct Cremation
  • Funeral Services
  • Memorial Service
  • Memorial Service Remote Attendance
  • Video Tributes
  • Notifying Relatives
  • Online Obituary
  • Last Minute Funeral Planning
  • Obituary Alerts
  • Legal Guidance
  • Cremation Permit
  • Pre-Planning
  • Bereavement Support

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Peace of Mind

Simple Cremation of New Jersey’s care team is dedicated to providing peace of mind in these difficult times. We know how overwhelming it can be to deal with end-of-life care and have designed our web-based application to be as easy to use as possible.

We believe that organizing the logistics of death in the family should come with understanding and respect for the daily grief you are facing. As such, our white-glove service ensures that your focus remains on what is truly important: honoring the life of your loved one.

Giving Your Family Control

Simple cremation is the only legal way to complete the cremation of a loved one without resorting to a traditional funeral home and the costs that incur.

A funeral director is a necessity when arranging the final disposition of remains. They are there to assist you in organizing a fitting tribute but mainly handle all the legal requirements of the cremation. Oftentimes, the lines between what a funeral director is required to do and what is optional are blurred. Simple Cremation is designed to make that distinction clearer.

We put your family in control of how involved our funeral directors should be.

Personalized, Affordable, and Dignified Cremation in Old Bridge, New Jersey

Not all cremations are created equal, each one should be specifically tailored to the deceased’s needs. Our service offering is highly customizable and our caring staff is always standing by to help make an informed decision.

We know that funeral prices across the country have been dramatically rising and that the financial burden of saying goodbye can have serious implications. The personalization and pricing of our service reflect our belief that everyone is owed a dignified farewell. Our pricing excludes no one regardless of circumstances and our experienced funeral directors will ensure your loved one receives the send-off they deserve at the price point you want, without compromising the gravitas of the occasion.

When traveling to your location to collect your loved ones’ remains, our staff will arrive appropriately dressed and remain respectful of your circumstances. Transportation to the funeral home is conducted under the direct supervision of senior staff.

Online Memorial Service in Old Bridge, NJ

Are some family members and close friends of the deceased unable to attend an in-person memorial service? Do they live too far away? Does their health not allow them to travel? If that’s the case, Simple Cremation of New Jersey can provide you with the resources and online infrastructure to host an online memorial service via a video web link.

Means, distance, and availability should not be obstacles to honoring the ones you love. We handle everything from online obituaries to remote gift sending and video tributes. All you need to do is connect to the session to connect with your fellow mourners.


Now, we're Offering Online Cremation Process

Arrange a Cremation From Home

We provide our services entirely through an online platform. So you’ll be able to choose and arrange services that fit your needs from the comforts of your own home, without feeling any added stresses. Our interface is simple to use and navigate via mobile, tablet, or Desktop. Our compassionate staff is here to help. If at any point you need clarifications or have any questions, you can contact them directly and they will guide you through the process.

No Drop-Off Policy

To maintain the highest ethical standards and to protect the crematory industry as a whole, Simple Cremation of New Jersey enforces a strict No Drop-Off Policy.

Our funeral directors personally escort each of the deceased to the cremation facility and do not leave before they have personally witnessed them be placed into the cremation chamber, the door closed, and the cremation process initiated.

Although no law in New Jersey mandates this, we feel we have to be able to call clients and say that we made sure the cremation took place as intended

This policy does not in any way reflect a lack of trust in the crematoriums we work with, in fact, trust is the reason we continue to work with our chosen partners. Rather it is a stand we choose to take in the face of what we consider is far too common practice for many funeral homes across the country. Namely, to call a job finished once transport to the crematorium is complete.

Commitment from professionals who understand what you are going through in such a challenging time and support in your time of grief are what have earned us the trust and respect of the people of Old Bridge.

Transporting Cremation Remains Via Mail

Simple cremations offer the possibility for remains to be transported directly from the cremation facility to families across the United States. It is part of our standard service and we closely follow any changes in regulation with regards to shipping cremated remains.

(Currently, USPS is the only carrier authorized to do so.)

We are very familiar with their requirements and work with our partner crematoriums to make sure such precious cargo is properly dispatched. Should the remains stay unclaimed for 2 weeks, they will be returned to the crematorium who will either arrange transport once again or arrange a convenient time for you to receive them directly.

Cremation Legal Support in Old Bridge

After a loss in the family, many legal details need to be worked out. Simple Cremation can help you navigate the list of documents and permissions required when a loved one has passed. Our staff is intimately familiar with the legal procedures you will have to go through and will walk you through them seamlessly, so you can focus on saying goodbye.

Direct Cremation in Old Bridge

Direct cremation is the most simple means of cremation. Your loved one’s remains will be transported directly from your location and the cremation will begin without a formal funeral ceremony.

Most direct cremation services do not witness the cremation process itself. Simple Cremation of New Jersey has a standing No Drop-Off policy. Our funeral director will personally remain on the premises until the cremation begins and will visually confirm that everything is in order.

This allows them to confidently assure you that they have completed their duty of care.

Once the process is complete, the remains will be returned to you in a temporary container. If you require something more permanent, have the possibility to purchase an Urn.

You also have the option to entrust us with the final disposition of the ashes.

Following is a list of costs you can expect to avoid when choosing a direct cremation:

  • High-End casket or coffin
  • Grave Marker costs
  • Grave Closing fee
  • Church Fees
  • Funeral Home fee
  • Embalming costs
  • Cosmetic charges
  • Viewing charges
  • Burial Plot fees
  • Grave Closing fees

Preneed Plans and Prepaid Funerals

  • Simple Cremation offers preneed plans and prepaid funerals
  • Preneed plans are an excellent way to pay for your burial or memorial service in advance. The main benefits are peace of mind and the knowledge that your family will not be left struggling with an additional expense.
  • Our preneed plans can be settled in full or via installments. Explore our plan for the future form for more information.

Grief Support in Old Bridge

Scott W. Bradley, the owner and managing partner of Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, LLC has been helping families grieve since 199 when he founded the Center for Life Transition program (CFLT).
Mr. Bradley’s Association for Death Education (ADEC) and Academy of Clinical Applied Psychoanalysis certifications, combined with lifelong experience in the funeral industry make him incredibly adept at teaching people how to process trauma healthily.
The program is free to join for anyone and being a client of Simple Cremation or Bradley & Son is not a requirement.
Transitioning to a new life after the passing of a loved one is painful and difficult. But the journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Sharing with others can be a much-needed positive experience for those recently going through loss.

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Our pricing reflects our belief that everyone is owed a dignified exit.

You can call us at (973) 949-0523, email us or fill out our form to receive a free consultation and request additional resources.

Address: 2350 County Rd 516, Old Bridge, NJ 08857

Our pricing reflects our belief that everyone is owed a dignified exit.

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