Affordable Cremation in Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Simple Cremation provides affordable and compassionate funeral and cremation services, online. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly end-of-life care option, we can help you arrange a cremation in Hamilton, New Jersey that features everything you deem worthy of your loved one without throwing your finances into crisis. We understand what a difficult time you are going through, the burden of loss is heavy enough to bear without having to think of its cost. With formal burial prices steadily rising across the country, we aim to cater to families for whom a simple, yet dignified cremation is the right choice.

Our online service helps us put you in control of everything. You can make all necessary arrangements from the privacy of your home, without being pressured into upsells you might find superfluous. Our caring staff understands that this might be your first time handling funeral arrangements and are always available to answer any questions and guide you through the entire process.

We are available to arrange funerals and cremations in all of Hamilton Township including:

  • Groveville
  • Hamilton Square
  • Mercerville
  • White Horse
  • Yardville

Cremation in Hamilton, NJ FAQ

Cremation is something that most people don’t even think about until it is time for them to make the decision. Perhaps you have been tasked with making this decision or maybe you are just trying to help a friend who needs advice. Either way, this FAQ provides answers to the most common questions we receive.

What are the costs of a cremation?

Not all cremations are created equal and as such, not all of them are priced equally. The main factors determining your final costs are:

In the end, the final costs of your cremation mainly depend on your choice of options.

How long does a cremation take?

The cremation process itself takes anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. The remains are incinerated by flames reaching up to 2000 degrees. For safety purposes, the cremation chamber is cooled for several hours before it is opened again.

Who is present during a cremation?

You can opt to attend the cremation if you so desire. Strictly speaking, this isn’t a necessity. Celebrating the life of your loved one is usually the purview of memorial services.

Simple Cremation will always have a funeral director present to witness the start of the cremation process. That way we can inform you with certainty that your wishes have been carried out to the letter.

What if family and close friends cannot travel to a memorial service?

We have the web infrastructure needed to host an online memorial service. Distance, availability, and travel restrictions should not be an obstacle to grieving together at such a challenging time. It is a natural human instinct to gather in times of grief and our memorials via video weblink ensure that it remains an option no matter the circumstances.

Is a casket necessary for cremation?

Crematories use what they call temporary containers. These are usually corrugated cardboard or wood boxes, intended to easily combust. You may opt to purchase a cremation casket if you are arranging a viewing. Cremation caskets are the same as traditional ones, just without any metal parts.

Who receives the cremated remains of a family member?

Cremated remain are restituted to the person in charge of arranging the cremation. For a cremation to be authorized, this needs to be next of kin. The next of kin is traditionally the spouse of the departed. If not, their children qualify. If there are no direct descendants, siblings become the next of kin.

If the deceased has previously designated in writing, someone to take possession of their remains, then only they will be authorized to take possession.

Is Cremation ecologically responsible?

Yes, when done correctly. Simple Cremation’s partner in New Jersey: Bradley & Son Funeral Homes LLC, is committed to providing a cremation service that leaves a minimal carbon footprint in line with the 1990 EPA act, without compromising respect and dignity for your loved one.

Why are traditional funerals so expensive?

This is a complex question that we get a lot. A complete answer would offer consideration to plot rental, casket expenses, burial service fees, and embalmment. But as the median cost of burial in New Jersey crosses the $7,500 mark, the crux of it is: people in grief are extremely vulnerable and many funeral homes prey on that.

Burials, just like cremations, need to be arranged quickly after a death. A sense of urgency and obligation towards the memory of loved ones is fertile ground for an upsell. As distasteful as it sounds, it is a sadly common practice. That’s why more and more Americans are turning towards cremation as a means of final disposition. The simpler logistics of cremation automatically bring expenses down. Arranging a cremation online with Simple Cremation of New Jersey isolates you from any pushy salesperson and leaves you in total control of what happens next.

Cremation services are becoming more popular every year, and we understand why. Cremation is an affordable way to honor your loved one’s memory without all the added expenses that come with a traditional funeral. Hopefully, this selection of answers has been useful to you. If you have more questions, we cannot encourage you enough to get in touch with us. Our caring and empathetic staff are ready to answer them individually via email or telephone.

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