Cremation in Pennsauken, New Jersey

Losing a loved one is never easy, but facing the immediate aftermath doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple Cremation is a funeral arrangement service that helps you arrange a cremation in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

We offer affordable cremation services that are respectful of the departed and their loved ones. Our goal is to help families who need cremation services with everything involved in the process. Whether you have recently lost a loved one or know someone who needs help planning for their funeral, Simple Cremation can assist you with your arrangement.

Arrange a Cremation in Pennsauken, NJ Online.

Simple Cremation is a wholly online service, providing you with the convenience of planning and arranging a cremation or funeral from your home. We appreciate that visiting a funeral home can be a difficult experience in times of grief. Coordinating with a funeral director on short notice, in person, or over the phone can leave people feeling pressured to make purchasing decisions that do not truly reflect their wishes.

We aim to provide you with all the tools and information you need, to make an informed decision at your own pace and in a familiar setting. Our online forms cover all the decisions you need to make during an arrangement and our staff is always available via phone or email to clarify and guide you through the funeral arrangement process.

Our online cremation service is designed to strike a balance between thoroughness, sensitivity, and respect. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re being taken advantage of at such a sensitive time.

Trusted New Jersey Cremation Partners

Simple Cremation can bring safe, secure, and low-cost cremation to families in Pennsauken Township thanks to our partners Bradley & Son Funeral Homes. They bring with them over 80 years of experience with the local community and have earned our trust through their attention to detail and consideration for the bereaved.

We share the philosophy that attentive funeral directors and compassionate staff are a requirement for any funeral service. We respect your grief at this time of loss and strive to offer comfort in the knowledge that your loved one is in trustworthy hands.

Giving the Family Control

Our service is based on the assumption that when it comes to your needs in after-death care, you know best.

Budgetary considerations, memorial planning, final disposition we let you decide how we should proceed. If any of those terms seem confusing, don’t worry. We realize that for many we could be their first experience with end-of-life services.

Our forms are carefully designed to ensure maximum transparency so you know exactly what you’re signing up for, how much it will cost and what the alternatives are. If any of it is still unclear, our staff is available to answer any of your questions without delay.

However, we are aware that this type of service may not suit everyone. If any of the following statements apply to you, please contact our partner funeral home, Bradley & Son, who can arrange the same service in person.

  • I have trouble filling out forms
  • I do not want to stay in charge of my cremation arrangements
  • I am considering a funeral service with my deceased loved one present.
  • I require fragmented payment options

Uncertainty in dealing with such a solemn event is unacceptable, we strongly encourage you to call us if you still have any questions. You can find our details at the bottom of this page.

Our Services:

Following is a list of services we offer to residents of Pennsauken, New Jersey.

  • Direct Cremation
  • Funeral and Memorial Service
  • Remote Memorial Service Attendance
  • Notifying Relatives
  • Online Obituary
  • Obituary Alerts
  • Legal Guidance
  • Cremation Permit
  • Pre-Planning
  • Bereavement Support
  • Flowers procurement
  • Urn procurement

Pre-Planning Cremations in Pennsauken, NJ

If you or someone close to you wishes to prepare their funeral arrangements in advance, Simple cremation can streamline the process.

Planning is generally considered a prudent move and allows you to make choices about the kind of ceremony you would prefer. It also gives you more control over the final disposition of your remains – whether they are scattered, placed in an urn, or buried in the ground

You’ll be able to complete a pre-planning form that outlines all the information you’d like to include in your obituary and other documents.

We encourage you to involve your closest family members in the planning. Making your choices together, at home, without the direct involvement of a funeral director can help bring them some peace later on.

Grief Support in Camden County

We recognize that bereavement includes so much more than making funeral arrangements. In our commitment to helping residents of Pennsauken and wider Camden County process their loss, we provide grief support services through the Center For Life Transition (CFLT) program.

The CFLT was established in 1999 by Bradley & Son Funeral Homes. They helped families in Chatham fully process their grief. Since then, CFLT has grown its coverage to all of North-Western New Jersey.

In 2009, free bereavement support at CFLT was opened up to everyone. Whether you are a client of Simple Cremation and Bradley & Sons or not, membership is free and entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Bereavement Support Groups – The only free bi-weekly year around support groups led by nationally recognized bereavement experts in northern New Jersey
  • Follow-Ups – Periodic check-in phone calls or visits from our aftercare specialist
  • Luncheons – Our monthly Healing Hearts Bereavement Luncheons feature keynote speakers
  • Newsletters – Ten issues of Living Through Mourning, our bereavement support newsletter which contains informative articles written by our experts and helpful tips for mourning in good health
  • Mail/Email Updates – Updates on bereavement support news and events in your area, by mail or e-mail
  • Professional Resource Network – Access to a network of preferred business partners who we know and trust and can serve your legal, financial, and personal needs at this difficult time

Contact Us

For more information about cremation services in Pennsauken, New Jersey please contact us. Our compassionate staff is ready to assist you. We strive to provide the most affordable options available while maintaining quality and ease of service.

Our pricing reflects our belief that everyone is owed a dignified exit.

You can call us at (973) 949-0523, email us or fill out our form to receive a free consultation and request additional resources.

For more information, call: (973) 908-6023