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Are you looking for a direct cremation in Springfield, New Jersey?  Our services are designed to help you honor the life and memory of a loved one while keeping your family’s wishes and financial concerns in mind. We provide simple, convenient, professional, and affordable funeral arrangements that will make it easier to say goodbye to someone special. We also offer memorials and tributes to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Affordable Funeral Arrangements in Springfield

We understand that funerals can be expensive. That is why we strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible. We work with families on an individual basis so we can meet their needs.

Arrange a Cremation From Home in Springfield

Our cremation and funeral arrangement process is completely online. That way you can choose and arrange a service that fits your needs from the comfort and privacy of your own home, without having to deal with any additional feelings of stress. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you might have remotely and can even arrange a video web-link memorial service for friends and family across the world.

The Benefits of Preplanning a cremation

By choosing to plan your cremation, you remove a considerable burden from your closest ones. Losing a family member is an incredibly stressful time at best and vulnerable people are not the best at making decisions. A lot of the time, it will be their first experience with end-of-life service providers and the wide range of options and legal requirements can be overwhelming for someone experiencing daily grief.

Financial considerations have also led to conflict within some families in the wake of such a difficult event. By planning and setting your arrangements in stone, you can help them through their grief journey.

Preplanning your cremation gives you control over your farewell. It gives you a chance to craft something your loved ones might recognize you in, a final memory you leave them to cherish.

Preplanning a cremation in Springfield, NJ

Preplanning funeral arrangements is a way to continue taking care of your loved ones once you’re gone. Not only does it give you the freedom to be sent off on your terms, but it also frees those that remain from additional emotional and financial distress. Should you choose to make your final arrangements in advance, here’s a quick guide on what to keep in mind and how you can do it in Springfield.

Draw up a list of funeral priorities

First, write down what is most important to you in your funeral arrangement or cremation. Take your time with this, these decisions aren’t made overnight, and coming to them is an exercise in self-discovery.

Think about what kind of service you would want. here are a couple of points to consider when you start thinking about it:

  • What music would you play at your memorial service?
  • What prayers would you like to be read?
  • Would you like your ashes scattered in a place you love? (along the Rahway River is a popular choice)
  • Would you rather they be buried in a plot or interred in a vault?
  • What impression would you like to leave?
  • What kind of funeral event would you prefer? (simple service, funeral mass, funeral ceremony,…)
  • Do you want to include military honors?
  • Do you want to arrange a service at all?

Writing down the answers will allow you to get a better picture of the future and allow you to ask more pointed questions when making arrangements.

Speak with your Family

For any cremation to take place, all next of kin need to sign the cremation permission. If you are married, then that would be your spouse. If your spouse is no longer with us and you have children, then all of them will need to sign. Discussing these things beforehand and making sure everyone is clear on how to proceed can buy some precious peace of mind.

Simple Cremation offers full legal guidance throughout its entire process. When you choose us for cremation in Springfield Township, we help navigate all legal requirements before and after the funeral is held.

Speak with a funeral home offering cremation in Springfield, New Jersey.

When it comes to making funeral arrangements, it’s only common sense to consider local options. Planning through an out-of-town funeral home can come with complications and usually carry higher costs.

Nonetheless, speaking with dedicated professionals (such as us) will allow you to bring your vision into reality. A funeral director will be able to put together a personalized package based on your requirements and budget. And in the case of preplanning a funeral, you will have the final say over all the details.

Bradley & Son Funeral Homes has been helping the people of Springfield say goodbye for over 80 years, and we now offer that same white-glove service online as well.

Making a future arrangement with us is simple and free of any time constraints. You can navigate the services on our website at your own pace and explore all the different options we have on offer. Should you have any questions, our caring staff is on standby via email or phone to assist you.

We also offer grief support services to help people get through what can be the most difficult episode of their lives. Our Center for Life Transition Program, founded in 1999 by Scott Bradley MSW, CT, NCPsyA, helps transform trauma into resilience and is free to join.

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