Simple Cremation Summit, NJ

Simple Cremation brings the entire process of arranging a cremation online. We offer all the services required to arrange a funeral and cremation without the need for an in-person visit. We arrange and provide cremation in Summit, NJ, and all of Union County.

A Personal Cremation Service

We aim to provide you with the tools and resources you need to plan a bespoke send-off for your loved one. We offer a variety of options for you to tailor to your satisfaction. We understand what a difficult time you are going through and offer a personal touch to guide you in a time of deep personal grief.

A Professional Cremation Service

We understand that this is a difficult time for you and show the appropriate amount of empathy, decorum, and respect. Our compassionate staff and experienced funeral directors operate at the highest professional standards. Simple Cremation is a service provided by Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, building on over 80 years of experience in end-of-life services. We work with families on an individual basis so we can meet their needs

An Affordable Cremation Service

Determining the budget for a funeral can be a difficult decision to make. We are keenly aware that honoring your loved one’s wishes can sometimes be financially complicated. That is why Simple Cremation offers a wide variety of options to fit every budget with the same level of dignity and respect. Not all cremations are created equal and we are here to help you navigate that. We believe that everyone is entitled to a dignified send-off, no matter how much the cost of traditional burials rises.

A Cremation Service, Entirely Online

Arranging a funeral online starts with contacting our empathetic and professional staff through our web form at the time of passing.

You will then be able to upload all the deceased’s identification documents through our 100 percent secure web portal.

We will then meet you at the location of the deceased to retrieve them. Our staff will arrive dressed appropriately and retrieve your family member or close friend with the solemnity the occasion demands. Transport to our New Jersey funeral home is completed under the direct supervision of senior staff in a secure and locked vehicle.

We will remain in constant contact with you from this point onwards, up until the restitution of the ashes. Our service is expedient, simple to use, and delivered with respect for how sacred these matters are.

Funeral and Cremation Planning in Summit, NJ

Short Term funeral Planning

Our process is ready to handle your funeral plans in the briefest delays. If you have recently experienced a loss and need to start planning right away you can start immediately by clicking here.

Once you’ve submitted your requirements, our caring staff will get in touch and quickly start work so you can focus on the things that really matter with a little less stress.

Funeral and Cremation Preplanning in Summit, NJ

If you need to make arrangements in advance, you can do so on our platform as well. Planning ahead is increasingly seen as a prudent step that can grant you and your family peace of mind. It’s one less thing those you love have to worry about at the time of your passing.

We know what a traumatic event it can be and having the logistics already set in place frees up time for reflection and celebration of a life lived and memories cherished.

Our experienced staff and funeral directors will ensure that your final wishes are carried out to the letter. Feel free to ask them any questions you might have during the planning process, their insight is a valuable resource we make available to anyone in Summit planning a funeral or cremation in advance.

Our Services

We understand how overwhelming it can be when planning a funeral. With us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that all of your needs will be met in these difficult times. From pre-planning services to final disposition, we’re here to help.

  • Direct Cremation
  • Funeral and Memorial Service
  • Remote Memorial Service Attendance
  • Notifying Relatives
  • Online Obituary
  • Obituary Alerts
  • Legal Guidance
  • Cremation Permit
  • Pre-Planning
  • Bereavement Support
  • Advanced Funeral Planning

Online Memorial Service Attendance

If for whatever reason, people close to the bereaved cannot attend an in-person memorial service, Simple Cremation of NJ can host an online event everyone can be a part of. We arrange a live video web link, email invitations, and a virtual guestbook so everyone can say goodbye the traditional way from wherever they are in the world.

Direct Cremation in Summit, NJ

We offer the ability to arrange a cremation without any funeral or memorial service attached. This simply means that you will not be paying to use any of our online or physical facilities. It is a popular alternative for people who want to organize their own gatherings at home or elsewhere.

Even the simplest of informal gatherings can go a long way towards processing grief. It helps everyone involved to reflect on and share memories of the person they have lost. People often feel pressured to follow traditional norms around saying goodbye, but the truth is, every life is unique.

There is no one size fits all solution to pay your final respects. Those closest to the departed should feel free to celebrate a life lived and memories to cherish in whatever way they feel is appropriate.

They may be gone but they were here and are remembered.

Grief Support in Summit, NJ

The Center for Life Transition Program (CLFT) is a grief support program available to all residents of Summit Township whether they are clients or not. It is free to join and dedicated to helping the people of New Jersey grow through their grief.

Contact Us

For more information about cremation services in Summit, New Jersey please contact us. Our compassionate staff is ready to assist you. We understand what a personal decision this is and are committed to providing a simple to arrange funeral and cremation. Our pricing reflects our belief that everyone is owed a dignified exit.

You can call us at (973) 949-0523, email us or fill out our form to receive a free consultation and request additional resources.

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