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Simple Cremation of New Jersey the Right Option for Me?

Every decedent has their own final wishes and every family’s values when it comes to death are different. When endeavoring to say your final farewell to your loved one, the choice of interment should be determined according to a number of important criteria, including their final wishes, your resources, your religious or spiritual values and more.

If you’re certain that cremation is in accordance with your loved one’s final wishes, and have made predetermined arrangements to properly memorialize them after the process, Simple Cremation of New Jersey is ready to provide expedient, expert and affordable assistance through our online cremation arrangement options. If you need a little more time or are unsure about the logistics of your loved one’s final farewell, you may want to consider another option.

In an effort to better guide your decision-making, Simple Cremation of New Jersey has prepared some questions that may simplify your choice. You may find that it’s more prudent to contact our affiliated New Jersey funeral specialists to handle any nuance or uncertainty associated with your loved one’s interment.

Do You Have a Problem Filling out Forms?

Yes – We highly recommend meeting with one of the associated funeral homes directors and he or she will help you complete all necessary paperwork.

No – Simple Cremation of New Jersey is the right option.

Are You Considering Services (Visitation, Funeral Service, Etc.) with Your Loved One Present?

Yes - Please call one of the funeral homes we work with. They will be happy to help you arrange a service that your family is comfortable with.

No – Simple Cremation of New Jersey is the right place for you. We will consult with you following the cremation to help you explore memorial options.

Will You Need Fragmented Payment Options?

Yes – Call one of our affiliated funeral homes; they can help.

No – You’ve come to the right place.

Would You like to Stay in Charge of Your Cremation Arrangements?

Yes – Simple Cremation of New Jersey is the right option.

No – We recommend you consult with a director from one of our associated funeral homes who will help guide you through this process.

Still Have Questions?

Should you continue to need assistance with planning our loved one’s New Jersey funeral, our experienced and qualified representatives will be happy to offer our guidance and insights. We are acutely aware of the logistical uncertainty that accompanies the cremation and funeral process, and we are determined to help you every step of the way. We have provided informative and compassionate points of contact that allow you to get the help you need regardless of where you are in the planning process. Contact our North Jersey Funeral home today at 973.434.7441.

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