A Full Array of Cremation and Funeral Services in NJ

People very often have rigid ideas of how a funeral is supposed to go. They think they often have two choice (cremation or burial) and all the expected protocol that goes with them. At the same time, they may feel compelled, by their own values or their final wishes, to give their deceased loved one a special and customized farewell.

Simple Cremation of New Jersey is here to tell you that not all cremations are created equal. In addition to our streamlined, expedited and convenient online cremation services in NJ, we have multiple additional funeral services to help you give your loved one a dignified and respectful goodbye.
Just because your loved one is being cremated, doesn’t mean their loved ones don’t get to say goodbye to them or fully mourn them. Whether your family wants more traditional or customized funeral proceedings, Simple Cremation of New Jersey is equal to this solemn and sacred task.

With You through Every Stage of the Grieving Process

The process of mourning a loved one is ongoing. While we never really get over losing someone important to us, there are various stages of the grieving process and Simple Cremation of New Jersey is here to help you get through each one. From the moment your loved one passes through the entire cremation and funeral process to the aftermath and the toll the death has taken on you and our family, we are committed to providing a comprehensive array of support services to help you get through this. Our NJ funeral home partner, Bradley & Son Funeral Home goes above and beyond to give customers the strength and support they need long after they’ve officially said goodbye to their loved one.

In addition to comprehensive NJ cremation services, Simple Cremation of NJ is proud to offer:

Obituary and Tribute Services – Every family that comes to us is special. Simple Cremation of NJ is here to help you fully depict the greatness and unique nature of your loved one’s life through comprehensive tribute and memorialization services. Whether you’re looking for a simple and respectful write-up or something more involved, we’re ready to help.

Advanced Funeral Planning – What used to be deemed as a scary or morbid experience is increasingly being regarded by many as an exercise in prudent thinking. Our advanced funeral planning services give you and your loved ones the power of choice, peace of mind and guarantee that your final wishes will be documented and carried out to the later. The process reduces stress for your loved ones and gives you final say in the logistics of your final goodbye.

Grief and Bereavement Support Counseling – Our commitment to helping our customers heal from loss doesn’t end once their loved one’s funeral is over. Simple Cremation of NJ offers comprehensive grief counseling and support services through our NJ funeral home partner, Bradley & Son Funeral Home.

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