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Cremation is a way of disposing of remains that is gaining in popularity because of the reasonable cost compared to traditional burial. Over 50 percent of Americans choose cremation over traditional burial. According to National Cremation, this is a process that includes placing a body in an incinerator and reducing the remains to ashes and small mineral fragments.

Many Christians have reservations regarding the cremation process. Some may worry about the resurrection of a body this is not intact. They may also wonder if it is sinful to engage in the practice of burning a body. Since Christians have traditionally taken part in only the burial of an intact body for nearly 2,000 years, many are hesitant to take part in or accept the practice of cremation today. The following information answers several important questions Christians often have regarding cremation.

What Is the History of Cremation?

Throughout history, cremation was something many people and cultures took part in when disposing of bodies and celebrating the end of life. The Cremation Association of North America states cremation was probably in use as early as 3,000 BC. Historians believe the Greeks would incinerate bodies during the war on the battlefield. This made it easier to transport the bodies back with them when they came home. They would then have an official ceremony with the remaining ashes. Cremation was also acceptable during times of an epidemic or famine to stop the spread of disease.

During the Roman Empire, cremation was a popular practice. Cremation was part of many pagan practices during this time. This was likely one of the reasons it was unacceptable to most Christians living in and around Rome at the time. Cremation practices weren't as widely in use during the time between the Roman Empire and the last few hundred years. During the last hundred years, cremation became more popular again.

What Does the Bible Say About Cremation?

Many Christians may seek answers regarding exactly what the Bible says about cremation. The short answer is that the Bible is silent on this issue. That doesn't mean we can't receive guidance from a variety of passages. In the Old Testament, Abraham purchased burial plots for his family. Genesis 49 explains the cave where Abraham, Sarah, and other members of his family were laid to rest. In the New Testament, Lazarus was in a cave after death, and Jesus's grave was in a new tomb hewn from rock.

Throughout much of the Old Testament, cremation was often seen in a negative light, and it was sometimes put into use for punishment. Christian tradition promotes burial over cremation. It's important to remember, however, that just because something is traditional does not mean it is right or wrong. 

Genesis 3:19 speaks of how the body comes from dust and will eventually return to dust. Since cremation does more quickly what happens naturally, most Christian denominations now accept cremation.


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How Can I find a Cremation Service for Christian Cremation?

Since cremation is no longer thought of in connection with pagan practices, and the faithful understand that all bodies eventually return to a state of dust, many Christians now accept the practice of cremation. If you're looking for a Christian cremation, you'll need to decide how you'll want to care for or store the cremains after the process is complete.

If a person of Christian faith is considering cremation, they'll want a cremation service that both respects their beliefs and will handle the process with dignity. You'll want a company that listens to your concerns and provides several options and different types of services. This may include options for transporting remains and having a licensed funeral director witness the beginning of the cremation process.

If you're looking for a cremation service that will respect your beliefs and provide a dignified cremation process, Simple Cremation New Jersey provides a variety of cremation services. They can help you make all arrangements online. The process is convenient, reliable, and affordable. You can plan a Christian cremation for yourself or a loved one. They can help you plan your service, provide legal guidance when necessary, and will even help contact relatives during a difficult time. Contact Simple Cremation New Jersey for more information.

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