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Cremation has become a popular alternative to traditional burial services in recent years. Not only is it more affordable, but it also provides a way for people to honor their loved ones in a personalized manner. However, many people are still unsure how long the cremation process takes. In this blog post, we'll explore the factors that affect the time it takes to cremate a person and how long it takes to get ashes back after cremation.

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Factors Affecting Cremation Time

The time it takes to cremate someone can vary based on several factors. The most significant factors include the size of the person, the type of cremation chamber used, and the temperature at which the cremation is performed.

Size of the Person

The size of the person being cremated is one of the most significant factors affecting cremation time. A larger person will take longer to cremate than a smaller person. This is because a taller person or someone with more body weight will require more time for the heat to reach all areas of the body.

Type of Cremation Chamber Used

There are two types of cremation chambers: retort and cremulator. A retort chamber is a more traditional method of cremation and uses intense heat to break down the body. A cremulator chamber, on the other hand, uses a machine to grind the bones into a fine powder. The type of chamber used can affect the length of time it takes to cremate someone.

Temperature of the Cremation

The higher the temperature at which the cremation is performed, the faster the process. However, there are regulations in place that dictate the maximum temperature at which a cremation can be performed. This is to ensure that the body is cremated correctly and not just burned.

How Long Does It Take to Cremate Someone?

Based on the factors above, the time it takes to cremate someone can vary. It takes about teo to three hours to cremate a person. However, this can be longer or shorter depending on the person's size and the type of cremation chamber used.

How Long Does it Take to Get Ashes Back After Cremation?

Once the cremation process is complete, it typically takes seven to 10 days to return the ashes. This allows time for the ashes to cool and for the crematorium staff to process them. However, this can vary based on the crematorium's policies and procedures.

How Simple Cremation NJ Can Help

At Simple Cremation NJ, we understand that the cremation process can be confusing and overwhelming. That's why we offer affordable cremation services in New Jersey that are personalized to meet your needs. We can help guide you through the process and answer any questions.

Additional Services

In addition to cremation, we offer memorialization options such as urns and memorial jewelry. We can also assist with planning a meaningful ceremony or scattering of ashes. We aim to provide support and guidance while respectfully honoring your loved one's wishes during this challenging time.

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