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When loved ones die, family members may have the remains cremated to honor their wishes or cultural traditions. However, the next-of-kin or family member might not collect the cremated remains. In these cases, the ashes stay uncollected or unclaimed. As a provider of affordable cremation services in New Jersey, we offer insight into what happens to uncollected ashes.

If you require assistance disposing of unclaimed cremated remains, Simple Cremation can support you. We can help you explore cremation services in New Jersey for yourself or a loved one. Our knowledgeable and compassionate team can guide you through the process. We can also answer any questions and help you make the most informed decision regarding your needs.

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What Are Uncollected Ashes?

Uncollected ashes, also known as uncollected cremated remains, are the leftover ashes from a cremation. The deceased’s next-of-kin or family members may not pick up the ashes for various reasons. For instance, financial constraints, lack of communication, or even estranged relationships might cause ashes to stay unclaimed.

What Happens to Uncollected Ashes?

In New Jersey, there are laws in place to govern the handling of uncollected ashes. When a funeral home or crematorium has possession of unclaimed ashes, they must hold onto them for a specified period of time, typically 120 days. After that time has passed, the funeral home or crematorium inters the remains in a cemetery or columbarium. The interment occurs in the jurisdiction of the county where the remains were initially held.

Sometimes, the funeral home or crematorium may work with a local charity or organization to help find a final resting place for the unclaimed cremated remains. Others may scatter the ashes in a designated location such as a garden or scattering area, as long as it complies with state and local laws.

Uncollected Ashes: The Emotional Impact

While the law helps to address what happens to unclaimed ashes, there are still emotional impacts surrounding uncollected cremated remains. For many, the idea that a loved one's remains have not been claimed and given proper rest can be deeply upsetting.

At Simple Cremation, we understand the importance of providing closure and comfort during a difficult time. Our cremation services in New Jersey include proper handling of cremated remains and, if requested, the option for scattering at sea, in a natural setting, or returned to the family.

What Can You Do if You Suspect There Are Uncollected Ashes?

If you suspect there are uncollected ashes from a loved one, it is essential to take action. First, contact any known next-of-kin or family members to inquire if they have collected the remains. If no one claims the ashes, you can contact the funeral home or crematorium where the cremation was performed to inquire about the status of the remains.

At Simple Cremation, we understand the sensitive nature of these situations and are here to help. Our compassionate team of professionals can provide support and guidance on handling uncollected ashes. We can assist in locating the remains and finding affordable memorial services for those previously unclaimed.

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