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When a loved one passes away, it can be a difficult and emotional time for all those involved. One of the most essential parts of the grieving process is honoring and paying respects to the deceased. This is where shiva comes in. Shiva is a Jewish tradition that involves a seven-day mourning period where friends and family come together to comfort the bereaved. If you plan to attend a shiva, you may wonder what to bring to pay your respects and show support.

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What to Bring to Shiva

During a shiva, it is customary to bring gifts or food as a way of showing support and helping the bereaved family. Here are some popular items that are appropriate to bring to a shiva:

Comfort Food

During shiva, it is customary to bring food to the mourning family. This food should be easy to eat and serve and not require any preparation. Some examples of comfort food include fruit platters, bagels, salads, and baked goods. It’s essential to ensure your food is kosher and follows any dietary restrictions the family may have.

Condolence Card

A condolence card is a thoughtful way to show your support and express your condolences. Take the time to write a heartfelt message to the family, letting them know you are there for them during this difficult time. You can also include any memories or special moments you shared with the deceased.

Memorial Candle

A memorial candle is a traditional symbol of remembrance and is often lit during shiva. It is customary to light the candle at the beginning of the shiva and let it burn for seven days. You can personalize the candle by adding a photo or message to make it extra special.


Flowers are a beautiful way to show your support and honor the deceased. It is best to bring flowers in a vase or planter, as the family may not have the time or resources to arrange them. You can also consider donating to a charity instead of flowers, as this can provide a meaningful way to pay tribute to the deceased.

Memorial Donation

A memorial donation is a thoughtful way to honor the deceased's life while supporting a cause they care about. You can donate to a charity or organization in their name or contribute to a scholarship fund.

Photos or Mementos

Bringing photos or mementos to shiva can provide a meaningful way to honor the deceased and share memories with the family. You can get a photo album or a single photo that captures a special moment. You can also consider bringing souvenirs or items that remind you of the deceased, such as jewelry or a special keepsake.

Attending a shiva is essential to the grieving process, and bringing something to show respect can comfort and support the bereaved. When deciding what to bring to shiva, consider the family’s traditions and customs and choose a gift that reflects your relationship with the deceased.

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