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Cost Information

How Much Does Cremation Cost?
The Cost of Cremations
We can explain what is involved in the cost of cremation. Please fill in the cremation arrangement form as much as you are able. 
Contact Us at anytime to discuss the cost of funerals.
Cremation Services
Cremation services include:
• Vehicle and staff to transfer the decedent from the place of death within New Jersey to our
funeral home's secure holding space.
• A secure online photo identification process that provides you with peace of mind.
• Processing of all mandated federal and state forms including death certificate, cremation
permit, veteran's forms if necessary, social security notification, and securing certified copies
of the death certificate.
• Transfer of decedent to the crematory.
• Witness the start of the cremation by a Bradley & Sons Funeral Homes Licensed Funeral
The crematory fee is the exact cost of cremation charged by the crematory and includes a
temporary urn. According to Chapter 36 of the NJ State Board of Mortuary Science,charges for
cash disbursements shall not be included in the package price.
Make Cremation Arrangements
Simple Cremation of New Jersey allows you to make immediate arrangements or plan for the
future. Your immediate need or your desire to plan ahead will be met with our concerned and
caring staff at Bradley & Sons Funeral Homes.
Please choose the appropriate option that best meets your needs. Please contact us if you have
any questions or concerns. We look forward to serving you.
Cremation Container Options
The cremation container does not refer to the urn. The cremation container is a rigid outer
enclosure required by the crematory to surround the decedent during the cremation process.
While your family may supply the cremation container, we have also provided our most popular
options here. Please select the cremation container that you are most comfortable with.
Method of Disposition
Choose a final resting place for the decedent's cremated remains. Most people request the
cremated remains be mailed to them. Once received, the cremated remains can be buried in
a private cemetery plot, placed in a niche at a mausoleum, or scattered at sea or on private
property. This is just a small list of possibilities. For more information about final resting place
options please Contact Us.
You can also have them scattered by the Crematory staff at their dedicated scattering area.
Number of Death Certificates
Certified copies of the Death Certificate are the legal documents you will use to transfer any
assets, such as bank account assets, insurance policies, automobiles, stocks, bonds, and real
estate in the decedent's name to someone else or to a trust.
You will also have the convenience of ordering as many certified copies of the Death Certificate
as you like and having them mailed to you by certified US mail. Most families purchase six to
Memorial Services and Remembrances
We have found that families want to honor their loved ones in their own personalized ways. We
feel the same way, and creating a memorial that is incomparably unique is our goal. Listed
below are some of the choices we offer that families have found helpful. Please select the
services and products listed below that you are considering. We will have a staff member help
you with the details.
Contact Us today, for more information on the cost of cremations or conventional funerals.