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Direct cremation offers an affordable option that may be the right choice for individuals and families in a variety of circumstances.

At Simple Cremation of New Jersey, we work to ensure your experience with us is as simple and stress-free as possible in what may be a time of grief or upheaval for you and your family. Fast, professional direct cremation services are one way we can do that.

Learn more about direct cremation and our services below.

What Is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremation is a service that comes without ceremony. Specifically, when you plan a direct cremation, you’re not planning a funeral service or memorial at the same time. All you’re asking for—and all you’re paying for—is the cremation itself along with any options for storing the ashes when they’re returned to you.

Pros of Direct Cremation

One of the main reasons people choose direct cremation is cost savings. At Simple Cremation, you can get direct cremation services for as low as $1,049.00. That can save you thousands when compared to burial or a cremation with traditional service.

A direct cremation can also provide some flexibility. The family may not be able to gather for a memorial or perhaps the desired memorial options are cost-prohibitive at the time of need. Loved ones can opt for direct cremation and store the cremated remains in a temporary urn or keepsake display urn. Later, when they are ready, the family can honor their loved one with a service or other memorial option that feels right to them.

Another benefit of direct cremation is that you can choose it if you plan on a final disposition that is out of the ordinary. For example, if loved ones will take part in an ash scattering at sea or plan to take the remains on a camping trip on the deceased’s favorite mountain for a scattering, direct cremation is an affordable answer to the right-now need for death care.

In short, direct cremation isn’t a limited option. It lets you keep things as simple as you want or explore more memorial options in the future.

Cons of Direct Cremation

The biggest disadvantages of direct cremation may have to do with the expectations of others. Family members or loved ones may look for the funeral or memorial announcements and desire to come together to honor the loved one or find some emotional closure themselves.

Individuals or families that decide on direct cremation and don’t plan any other options will not provide this level of customary socialization and honoring of the departed.

When choosing direct cremation, think about what is best for you and your family. Ultimately, final arrangements should be about honoring the wishes of the lost loved one. If someone doesn’t want a large service in their honor or wants to save money—or ensure their family saves money—by choosing direct cremation, then the best way to honor them may be to adhere to those wishes

Who Might Choose This Option?

  • Individuals or families who have limited budgets and would like the least expensive final arrangements available.
  • Families who aren’t sure what type of memorial service they want but still need to decide about the remains today.
  • Loved ones who have plans for memorials or ash scatterings, but they need a lot of time to save up money or plan for these events.

Can You Pre-Plan for Direct Cremation?

If you want to handle your own final arrangements, direct cremation is an ideal option. You can easily pre-plan and prepay for the services. Some benefits of doing so include removing the decision-making and financial burdens from your family in the future as well as locking in today’s cremation rates, which could mean a less costly direct cremation.

Even if your family decides later to honor your memory with a special memorial service or ash scattering, having already decided on and paid for the direction cremation allows them time to grieve and get through the hard days following the loss before they start to plan.

Getting Started With Direct Cremation

If you want to plan your own cremation, Simple Cremation of New Jersey can help. Contact us for more information or start an arrangement online to begin the process. You don’t have to complete it in one sitting and can come back later, which lets you gather documents or discuss options with loved ones as you plan.

Families that have lost a loved one and need to make arrangements can contact us or our funeral home partner, Bradley & Son Funeral Homes, for immediate service or assistance.

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