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Simple, dignified, and affordable funeral and cremation services available throughout New Jersey.

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Affordable, Professional, and Personal Cremation Services in NJ

We provide all of the services involved in preparing a funeral and cremation, including those that are not required for an in-person meeting. We want to empower you with the tools and resources you'll need to plan a unique send-off for your loved one.
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Cremation Services in NJ Summary

We provide a variety of cremation services in NJ that may be adjusted to meet your needs. We understand how difficult the situation is for you, and we provide a personal touch to help you during a time of deep personal loss.
Simple Cremation Offerings

Benefits of Our Cremation Services

✓ Affordability 
✓ Personalization 
✓ Professionalism 
✓ Entirely online process 
✓ Fast communications 
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What we do

Our Cremation Services

More and more New Jerseyeans are choosing cremation as part of their final wishes; if your loved one is among these growing numbers, there’s no reason the process has to be an expensive, emotionally exhausting hassle. Our process begins with you contacting one of our experienced, qualified, and friendly customer service professionals.

Contacting Simple Cremation NJ

The first step in organizing a funeral over the internet is to contact our sympathetic and skilled staff by filling out our web form upon the death of a loved one.
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Transfer to Our Care

We will transfer your loved one to our care. Our personnel will arrive dressed appropriately and retrieve your family member or close friend in accordance with the significance of the occasion.
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We will continue to keep you updated on matters until the ashes are returned. Our service is quick, simple to use, and handled with care.
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Paying for Funeral Services

The cost of funeral and cremation services depends on the type of service you choose. At Simple Cremation NJ, we never want concerns about the cost of services to prevent a family from honoring their loved one in a meaningful way. We are dedicated to providing affordable funeral and cremation services to honor every life. We will help you choose a cost-effective option that honors your loved one’s life beautifully.
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Simple Cremation Offerings

Our Approach to Cremation Services

Our cremation services in NJ enable us to meet every family’s needs, and our approach includes:
✓ Direct cremation 
✓ Funeral and memorial service 
✓ Remote memorial service attendance 
✓ Online obituary 
✓ Obituary alerts 
✓ Legal guidance 
✓ Cremation permit 
✓ Pre-planning 
✓ Bereavement support 
✓ Advanced funeral planning
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Opinion Simple Cremation

Emotional Words About Our Services

David, NJ's Avatar

David, NJ

2 years ago

Simple Cremation of New Jersey helped me through the worst experience of my life. I never imagined there was a service that would allow me to make cremation arrangements in the privacy of my own home. During my time of grief, your website was not only easy to navigate, but also provided everything I needed to make the provisions for my son’s cremation, at an affordable price. Thank you so much for making this horrific episode endurable.

Michael, NJ's Avatar

Michael, NJ

2 years ago

Being on a strict budget left me few options until I was referred to Simple Cremation of New Jersey. The services provided were 'just right.' I did not feel any pressure at all - in fact, I felt listened to and understood. Simple Cremation of New Jersey is professional, reliable and affordable.

Eve, Newport, RI's Avatar

Eve, Newport, RI

3 years ago

The anguish and the sorrow felt during my aunt's death made me narrow minded. There was such a relief that Simple Cremation of New Jersey was professional, easy to navigate, and economically affordable.

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