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Giving Your Loved One the Tribute They Deserve

When you’re getting ready to say goodbye to a deceased loved one, you want to make sure that their funeral perfectly encapsulates and celebrates the full scope of their life. The experienced and compassionate funeral specialists at Simple Cremation of New Jersey can combine the convenience and affordability of cremation with additional tribute services to give your loved one the proper remembrance and memorialization.

Each and every mourning family deserves the right to say goodbye to their loved one in their own way, and in accordance with the decedent’s wishes. Our tribute and memorial services enable us to meet every family’s needs. Your loved one lived a rich and full life, and their final goodbye should reflect that. Simple Cremation of New Jersey in partnership with Bradley & Son Funeral Home is ready to ensure a dignified, respectful and appropriate tribute.

Celebrant Services

Celebrants are specially trained to provide a meaningful service that is customized to reflect the personality and lifestyle of the deceased they work closely with the family in order to ensure their wishes are properly carried out. A Celebrant can also work closely with clergy and families as a Service Coordinator by introducing all who are participating in the service such as clergy, those who wish to eulogize, musicians and everyone else who wish to pay tribute. A celebrant essentially acts as the master of ceremonies in your loved one’s funeral arrangements. Our New Jersey funeral home partner Bradley & Son Funeral Home offers sensitive, compassionate and experienced celebrants to conduct your loved one’s final funeral arrangements.

Video Programs

There’s nothing quite like a video tribute to seamlessly and tastefully celebrate the evolution of your loved one’s life. It’s the perfect way to showcase their professional lives, their personal accomplishments, the families they’ve raised and the people they’ve impacted. These tributes are an enduring reminder of the best parts of your loved one’s days on earth. Once you provide photos of your loved one, our video technician can help bring your loved one’s story to life. A tribute video can be shown at the venue of your choice: visitation, church service, tribute luncheon or repast, or it can be kept as a keepsake and copies can be given to family and friends.

Tribute Lunch and Repast

Connecting with and leaning on family is an essential part of the grieving process. The immediate aftermath of a loved one’s death is a time for family and friends to come together to exchange support and be there for one another. Simple Cremation of New Jersey offers tribute luncheons and repast services so you can spend time with your family celebrating your loved one’s life without having the stress or work involved with meal planning or preparation. We can even assist you in finding hotel accommodations for you and your out of town guests.

Every family that comes to us is special. This section of our website is dedicated to the services we offer that make your experience unforgettable.  Contact our North Jersey Funeral home today at (973) 908-6023.

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