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Why Plan Your Funeral in Advance?

The prospect of planning your funeral may seem morbid; however, more and more people are realizing the prudence of this decision, and the power of pre-planning to reduce stress on their loved ones, and to make sure their wishes are honored. Through our NJ funeral home partners, Simple Cremations of New Jersey has been helping customers get their affairs in order and tailor their funeral services to their final wishes.

The conversation of planning your own funeral can be uncomfortable, but it can help you take the stress of your family during the trauma that will inevitably accompany your passing. Call us today at 973.434.7441 to start the conversation now. To learn more about the importance of planning your funeral in advance, please read our White Paper.

The decision of burial versus cremation is one everyone must make when planning their funeral in advance, and it doesn’t have to be a tedious or emotionally exhausting process. The funeral specialists at Simple Cremation of New Jersey are here to walk you through the process and help you decide if cremation is ultimately right for you.

Why Plan Your Funeral in Advance?

Those looking to plan their funeral in advance can pre-fund their funeral to reduce or eliminate the economic burden on their surviving loved ones, and with some options lock in the price of the funeral cost against inflation. In general the two most popular options to pre-fund a cremation is the New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund or using funeral insurance such as with Homesteaders Life Insurance Company. You can also incrementally fund your funeral through Medicaid and Social Security.

Every family that comes to us is special. This section of our website is dedicated to the services we offer that make your experience unforgettable.  Contact our North Jersey Funeral home today at (973) 908-6023.

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