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Simple Cremation: Professional Cremation Services in NJ

Simple Cremation makes the entire process of arranging a cremation available online. We provide all of the services involved in preparing a funeral and cremation, including those that are not required for an in-person meeting. 

A Personal Cremation Service

We want to empower you with the tools and resources you'll need to plan a unique send-off for your loved one. We provide a variety of choices that may be adjusted to meet your needs. We understand how difficult the situation is for you, and we provide a personal touch to help you during a time of deep personal loss.

A Professional Cremation Services in NJ

We recognize that this is an emotional time for you, and we show the appropriate amount of compassion, decorum, and respect. Our courteous and knowledgeable funeral staff provides exceptional service. Bradley & Son Funeral Homes' Simple Cremation is a service that builds on over 80 years of expertise in end-of-life services. We customize our services to meet the demands of each family, so we can help them in any way possible.

An Affordable Cremation Service

It might be tough to figure out how much money a funeral will require. We are well aware that honoring your loved one's wishes may be expensive at times. That is why Simple Cremation provides a wide range of alternatives to fit every budget with the same degree of care and respect. We're here to help you choose between different types of cremations. We think that everyone has a right to a decent burial, regardless of how much the cost of standard burials rises.

A Cremation Service, Entirely Online

The first step in organizing a funeral over the internet is to contact our sympathetic and skilled staff by filling out our web form upon the death of a loved one. 

You'll be able to submit all of the decedent's identification documents through our 100% secure web portal after that. 

Then we will go to the place where the deceased was located to transfer them to our care. Our personnel will arrive dressed appropriately and carry out your family member or close friend in accordance with the significance of the occasion. Senior management will oversee the transportation of your loved one to our New Jersey funeral home, which is done in a safe and locked vehicle. 

We will continue to keep you updated on matters until the ashes are returned. Our service is quick, simple to use, and handled with care.

Funeral and Cremation Planning in New Jersey

Short Term funeral Planning

Our team of professionals understands how important it is to control the details of your final farewell. We can help you with everything from initial preparations for a funeral to arranging for personalized photo tributes and floral arrangements. If you need assistance starting planning immediately after a loss, click here.

Following that, our kind staff will contact you and swiftly begin working so you can concentrate on the most essential issues without feeling overwhelmed.

Funeral and Cremation Preplanning in New Jersey

If you need to make reservations ahead of time, you may do so on our system. Advance planning is becoming increasingly popular as a prudent method for providing peace of mind for yourself and your family. It's one less thing your loved ones have to be concerned about when you pass away.

We understand how traumatic an accident may be and that having the logistics in place frees up time for thought and appreciation of a life lived and loved memories.

Our funeral experts and elite staff will make every effort to fulfill your final instructions. During the planning process, feel free to ask them any questions you might have. Their experience is a valuable service we provide to anybody planning a funeral or cremation in New Jersey far in advance.

Our Services

We understand how stressful it may be to organize a funeral. You'll have peace of mind knowing that all of your demands will be met in these difficult times with us. We're here to assist you at every step of the process, from pre-planning services to final disposition. 

  • Direct Cremation
  • Funeral and Memorial Service
  • Remote Memorial Service Attendance
  • Notifying Relatives
  • Online Obituary
  • Obituary Alerts
  • Legal Guidance
  • Cremation Permit
  • Pre-Planning
  • Bereavement Support
  • Advanced Funeral Planning

Online Memorial Service Attendance

Simple Cremation of NJ can also organize an online event that everyone may participate in if they are unable to attend an in-person memorial service for whatever reason. We set up a live video web connection, email invites, and a virtual guestbook so that anyone from wherever in the world may say goodbye the conventional way.

Direct Cremation in New Jersey

We allow you to schedule a cremation without having to go through the hassle of holding a funeral or memorial service. This simply implies that you won't have to pay any money to use any of our online or physical resources. It's a popular choice for people who want to plan their own gatherings at home or elsewhere.

Even the most basic of social gatherings may aid in the healing process. It allows everyone to recall and share memories of the person who has died. People are frequently urged to adhere to conventional customs regarding saying goodbye, but every existence is different.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to pay your respects. Those who are closest to the deceased have the right to commemorate a life well lived and cherished memories in their own way.

They may be gone but they were here and are remembered. 

Grief Support in New Jersey

The Center for Life Transition Program (CLFT) is a grief support program open to all residents of New Jersey, whether clients or not. It is completely free to join and dedicated to assisting New Jerseyans in learning to cope with their loss.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our cremation services, please contact us. Our courteous staff is here to help you. We recognize that this is a personal choice and are dedicated to offering an easy funeral and cremation arrangement process. Our pricing reflects our commitment to giving everyone the opportunity for a respectable passing.

You can call us at 973.434.7441, email us or fill out our form to receive a free consultation and request additional resources. 

History of Cremation

The general academic consensus is that cremation began around 3000 BC in Europe and the Near East. Artifacts from ancient Slavic peoples indicate that cremation began to spread across northern Europe in the late Stone Age. With the advent of the Bronze Age — 2500 to 1000 BC — cremation moved into the British Isles and into what is now Spain and Portugal. Cemeteries for cremation developed in Hungary and northern Italy, spreading to northern Europe and even Ireland. Prevalent though the practice was among the Greeks as well as the Romans, cremation was rare with the early Christians who considered it pagan and in the Jewish culture where traditional sepulcher entombment was preferred.

However, by 400 AD, as a result of Constantine’s Christianization of the Empire, earth burial had completely replaced cremation except for rare instances of plague or war, and for the next 1,500 years remained the accepted mode of disposition throughout Europe.

Cremation in the Modern Era

Modern cremation, as we know it, actually began only a little over a century ago, after years of experimentation into the development of a dependable chamber. When Professor Brunetti of Italy finally perfected his model and displayed it at the 1873 Vienna Exposition, the cremation movement started almost simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic. In the British Isles, the movement was fostered by Queen Victoria’s surgeon, Sir Henry Thompson. Concerned with hazardous health conditions, Sir Henry and his colleagues founded the Cremation Society of England in 1874. The first crematories in Europe were built in 1878 in Woking, England and Gotha, Germany.

Meanwhile in North America, although there had been two recorded instances of cremation before 1800, the real start began in 1876 when Dr. Julius LeMoyne built the first crematory in Washington, Pennsylvania. In 1884 the second crematory opened in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and, as was true of many of the early crematories, it was owned and operated by a cremation society. Other forces behind early crematory openings were Protestant clergy who desired to reform burial practices and the medical profession concerned with health conditions around early cemeteries.

Crematories soon sprang up in Buffalo, New York, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Detroit, and Los Angeles. By 1900, there were already 20 crematories in operation, and by the time that Dr. Hugo Erichsen founded the Cremation Association of America in 1913, there were 52 crematories in North America and over 10,000 cremations took place in that year. In 1975, the name was changed to the Cremation Association of North America to be more indicative of the membership composition of the United States and Canada. At that time, there were over 425 crematories and nearly 150,000 cremations.

In 1999, there were 1,468 crematories and 595,617 cremations, a percentage of 25 percent of all deaths in the United States. By 2009, there were over 2,100 crematories and over 900,000 cremations…and 37 percent of deaths in the United States were handled through cremation, a percentage that is expected to grow to over half of deaths by 2018.

Backed by Tradition

Cremation may have started in Europe and the Near East; however, it’s traveled thousands of miles over thousands of years to here in New Jersey, where, today, the experienced and compassionate North Jersey cremation professionals at Simple Cremation of New Jersey are here to help you through every stage of the process. Our affiliate New Jersey parlor Bradley & Son Funeral Home has been helping customers with their cremation needs for decades. Get in touch today.

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